New Novelty Site Allows You To Create And Claim Your Own Brand

Shelly Leroux A new novelty site has arrived on the internet scene with full expectation of making a name for itself.

A unique name. A brand name. Your name! The web site is called It is the first site of its kind to offer you a place to make your mark on the internet scene especially if you are an internet novice. The sites purpose is to help you to create and claim your own unique brand phrase. A phrase that will separate you from all others, who may happen to have your exact same name, on the internet. It is a little more involved than just leaving your signature. If you have done business online for any length of time you will notice a trend towards branding yourself. The most successful internet marketers have a brand phrase associated with their name or in their signature which is usually associated with the style, product, or service that allowed them to make their mark. However, most new internet marketers do not have a brand phrase that separates them from the pack. In order to be successful online you must break away from the pack. For that reason the site features an easy to follow tutorial on how to go about creating your unique branding phrase so that you can immediately make your name stand out. Then you can conveniently claim it as your own if it is not already taken. If you already have a brand that you use, you may want to rush over to the site and claim it before someone else does. You can then link it back to your personal or main web site. Once your unique brand phrase is claimed it is yours permanently. No one else can use it and it does not expire. Another unique twist to the site is that the script shuffles the registered names around each time the browser is refreshed making sure that each name gets a turn at the top of the page where it will be seen. This could mean traffic to your web site as people go there to browse the list of names already claimed. At the very least could become a type of “internet yearbook” for online marketers. A few years from now we can all look back and see who was part of the class.

Won’t that be fun? A novelty for certain.

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