It’s never been easier to lose money starting an Internet business

llbglobal I have written on this subject many times and it never ceases to amaze me to see so many people attempting to start an online business and failing.

I cannot overstate enough how difficult it can be to actually make a profit from the Internet. People live by this myth that building an Internet based business is easy to do. Building a business on the Internet can be even more challenging than a regular business. At least if you own a brick and mortar store you know that eventually someone will walk through the door. The Internet is a beast that only a select few have been able to tame. I’m sure that 99% of the people who attempt an Internet business fail primarily because they underestimate the complexities of the process. You might as well open a fruit stand at the top of Mt. Everest because that’s about how difficult it can be to bring people to your website. I have spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people who think they have that one idea that is sure to bring them a fortune online only to be disappointed later on. The Internet can be profitable only with proper planning just as with any business. You need to have a strong business plan for your business before you attempt anything. Some people may think that a business plan is not necessary but I could not disagree more. Then you have the people who try every hair-brained scheme on the Internet to make a quick buck. We hear stories of overnight success and we think we can do it too. In reality that’s like winning the lottery because it really doesn’t happen as often as you might think. Everyone is looking for the homerun hit that will bring them instant success and it simply doesn’t happen that way. If you want to start an Internet business then start with a solid plan first. It doesn’t take much time to sit down and write out your goals and your plan to achieve them. If you plan from the start you will be more likely to have long-term success. Plan for your future not an overnight gamble. If you have what it takes to persevere then you will be creating something that can bring you a lifetimes worth of income. We all have great ideas, so do yourself and your ideas a favor and plan them out first.

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