The Winner’s Internet Marketing Roadmap To Super Guru Status – The Jennifer Story Part 1

Jennifer, a young woman in her twenties, works over 15 hours a day to provide for her 2 children. As a single mother, she struggles everyday trying to make ends meet and provide for her children. But after working so many long hours, she never seems to get out of the rat race. One bill after another torments her night and day, and it’s really stressing her out. She never spends enough time with her children and it is tearing her up on the inside. So one day, she decides to start an online business selling custom made jewelry, which is one of her specialties. Her goal is to quit her job within 6 months, but she doesn‘t have any money to spend on marketing her website. So what should she do in order to get this done without spending any money at all in advertising? Well, since Jennifer already invested over $700 for a web designer to design her website, all she needs to do right now is focus on advertising. She has no money to spend, so all the advertising must be free. And when venturing into free online advertising methods, you must first realize that even though no money is spent, a lot of time must be invested instead.

Now there is a saying that, “Time is money.

” This is very true, especially when you are trying to start an online business with no advertising costs.

The time you should invest, must be proportional to the money you would invest if you had any. Also, the more time you invest in building your business, the more money you will make. MORE TIME = MORE MONEY Therefore, Jennifer must first come into the realization that she will have to devote at least 3 hours a day to her online business. This will give her only 6 hours of sleep. But she is determined to do this for the next 6 months in order to change the direction of her life. Now what should she do? Well, when starting an online business, she needs to make sure that she is constantly building up her internet marketing assets. Now an internet marketing asset, in my opinion, is anything that will potentially place money in your pocket, and sustain continual business growth. When most people start their internet business, they make the error of spending most of their time building only one major internet marketing asset. In the long run, the marketer who does this will experience success. But since Jennifer is trying to leave her job in 6 months, she must build multiple internet marketing assets at the same time. Now there are currently 4 critical internet marketing assets that she must continually build upon in the next 6 months. These assets are: 1. Content 2. Links to her website 3.

Email List of Subscribers 4. Partners So based off of what we discussed, Jennifer should spend the majority of her time building each of these 4 critical internet marketing assets in the next 6 months since she doesn’t have any money to spend on advertising. She must also learn how to synergize all of these assets for the sol purpose of accelerating the growth of her online business. I call this the “Law Of Synergized Marketing” and I will explain this in my next article. But before I end, I want to leave you with this one final closing point: If you want to build a successful business on a zero budget, you must spend a lot of time building up each of these internet marketing assets. It is imperative that you do this. The more time you spend on building each of these assets, the more money you will make. The good part of all of this is that you will not have to spend any money at all and still be able to earn a very substantial income.

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